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Zen Massage Center

Massage therapy is achieving widespread recognition as a valuable means to enhance a healthy lifestyle, with more Americans than ever integrating massage into their health and fitness routine. Consumer research strongly supports the acceptance of massage therapy from occasional use or complementary medical treatment to an integral, component of healthy living.

As awareness of massage therapy continues to grow and scientific research is showing its efficacy for myriad conditions, it is not surprising that massage therapy continues to remain a popular occupational choice. As demand for massage therapy services has grown over the past ten years, the industry will continue to add more therapists, create a wider range of options where consumers can receive a massage, and respond to consumers' desire to explore massage to address their specific health needs.

Massage therapy is now a $6 billion to $11 billion-a-year industry and employment opportunities for massage therapists are likely to increase at a faster than average rate when compared to the growth rates of other occupations. In fact, job opportunities are predicted to increase by 21% to 35% by 2012. With approximately 47 million American adults receiving a massage in the last year - an increase of two million more people than in the previous year-- the future looks promising for individuals who hope to practice massage therapy.

When you become a Zen Massage Center Franchisee, you are joining an industry that is not a trend or a fad, the customer base is not here today gone tomorrow. You are creating a customer for life that recognizes the health benefits and acknowledges that until now, there has been no leading brand for massage services.

As a Zen Massage Center franchisee you will carry little to no inventory, invest a minimal amount of money and be the first in many cases in your market with the concept that everybody's talking about.

Franchise Support

Start Up Support

· Demographic study and direction in selecting your center site.

· Assistance in center layout and design.

· Assistance in recruiting Licensed Massage Therapists.

· Guidance in hiring, staffing and training Administrative Personnel.

· Assistance with organizing your Grand Opening, including media and advertising purchasing.


· One week comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training program at our corporate center.

· Two days hands-on-training at your center.

· Exclusive use of our proprietary Operations Manual.

· Exclusive use of our customized Scheduling and Payroll Software program.

Tools For Success

· Use of Zen Massage Center name, logos and trademarks.

· Use of our software application specifically written to assist you in running an efficient business.

· Access to proprietary and proven systems and techniques designed to make business ownership simple and efficient.

· Pre-negotiated and discounted vendor rates offered exclusively to Zen Massage Center franchisees.

· Your own email address at www.zenmassageusa.com

· A well managed website that will promote your Zen Massage Center at an easy to find web address, that will post your address, phone number, hours of operation and give directions to and from your clinic.

· A Research and Development team working hard to stay ahead of industry trends.

Ongoing Support

· 24/7 Telephone consultations with our franchisee support team.

· Internet Technology support.

· Scheduled visits from Field Support Representatives.

· Meetings, teleconferences and workshops designed to keep you informed and ahead of market needs.

Opportunity Types

Franchises available for qualified applicants. There are three different types of franchise opportunities available with Zen Massage Center.

Single Unit - Zen Massage Center Single Unit License grants an individual or entity the right to own and operate an individual Zen Massage Center in an approved business location.

Multi-Unit- Zen Massage Center Multi-Unit License grants an individual or entity the right to own and operate multiple Zen Massage Centers in approved business locations.

Area Franchise - Zen Massage Center Area Franchise License grants an individual or entity the right to assist Zen Massage Center headquarters in developing a specific exclusive territory. This assistance includes providing hands-on support in recruiting new franchisees, securing new locations, coordinating the clinic development process and providing local training and pre-opening support to new franchisees. On an ongoing basis, Area Franchisees remain available to support local Franchisees and receive a portion of the total franchise fees and royalties collected in their territory. Area Franchisees must own and operate their own Single Unit Franchise and have adequate capital and resources available to fulfill their responsibilities as Area Franchisees.

Whether you are interested in developing a single center, multiple centers, or an entire territory, Zen Massage Center has the right opportunity for you. Become a part of this innovative massage concept.

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