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W. g. Grinders

W. g. Grinders offers a truly "East Coast" oven-baked sandwich, plus much more. Our product and method of operation lends itself to both dine-in, and catering, delivery, and take-out sales. The sandwich category continues to evolve as people feel more time pressed, look for quick meals, and realize sandwiches can be really interesting. At the same time, diners want more going on in each bite with greater flavors that are spicier and have more heat and depth. W. g. Grinders offers all that and more with 24 oven-baked sandwiches, soups, deli-style salads, desserts, pizzas, oven-baked pastas, and dinner sized green salads.

W. g. GRINDERS DELI-STYLE DÉCOR with black and white tile, bright red accents, glass block partitions and diner-style seating, all fitting neatly in a 1,500 square foot space, further adds to the diner image of both quality and a variety of menu options for lunch and dinner. State of the art finish materials and an efficient equipment package keeps development costs comparable or better than others in the sandwich segment.

COMBINED WITH AN OVEN-BAKED GRINDER SANDWICH, our deli-style salads, chips, soups, freshly baked cookies, or green salad make a complete meal, for both lunch and dinner. No greasy fryers here: just oven-baked menu items. Come noontime, W. g. Grinders restaurants can be as jam-packed as a grinder sandwich. Customers queue up to select grinder sandwiches with bountiful fillings and secret sauces baked directly into the sandwich. Largely beyond the restaurant industry's expectations, the sandwich segment strongly connected with consumers, their appetites, lifestyles and dining preferences. But W. g. Grinders does not stop with oven-baked grinder sandwiches. Oven-Baked Pastas, Specialty Pizzas, large dinner Signature Salads, and occasionally Breakfast Grinders, keep customers coming back during all day-parts for a well rounded business.

PROFESSIONAL PARTNERS PROVIDE A FULL RANGE OF DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT, You will be aligned with the "system experienced" real estate professionals, architects, construction general contractors, equipment suppliers and wholesaled food and beverage distributors to assist you in opening your restaurant.

You will train and work with our food service professionals, experienced in over 18 years of W. g. Grinders operational techniques. You will participate in extensive classroom and on-site training covering all aspects of the W. g. Grinders operating and business systems. Once your Initial Training is completed, and your restaurant is ready to operate, our support staff will assist you in opening and training for a period of up to four weeks after opening.

W.g. Grinder's

Financial Assistance Provided: 3rd Party
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: Yes
Training: 4 weeks in store, then 4 weeks assistance in opening store, plus ongoing support and training

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