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V2K The Virtual Window Fashion Store

V2K, The Virtual Window Fashion Store sells and supports franchises in the window fashion industry utilizing a proprietary graphic software product. Using this software and a laptop computer or the customer's digital television, V2K is the only company in the world that can go into the customers' homes, display their walls and windows 100% to scale, put any fashion treatment onto the windows, and then adjust, redraw, and price the window treatments instantaneously, no matter how simple or elaborate the treatment style.

V2K is affordable and complete. The franchise fee includes a state-of-the-art computer, printer, and carrying case. Franchisees also receive a sample package of over 2000 products along with a startup supply of marketing materials. There is no inventory to buy or maintain and no special vehicle to purchase. Franchisees may work from home or from a storefront. They may work by themselves or build a big business with employees. Either way, V2K is a highly efficient business that provides enormous income opportunities--just ask the franchisees!

Be a part of one of the FASTEST GROWING
Window Treatment Franchises in America!

Are you looking for a business:

· Where you are aligned with a HOT COMPANY in a HOT GROWTH industry for 14 consecutive years

· Where your business kicks off immediately with V2K's Quick Start Training & Marketing Program


· That is home based, setting your own schedule and maintaining quality of life

· Where men and women excel equally

· Where you can become in demand

· Where the products and services are a need not a luxury

· That is an all inclusive Franchise System

V2K's Secret Weapon

Our 3D Décor Creator Technology is what separates us from everyone else on the Planet! This powerful software tool will lead to greater customer satisfaction and sales. The "see it before you buy it" technology allows you to perform simple to complex window treatment designs in 3D, with near photo-quality graphics and to scale right in front of your customer. This allows you to sell, close and place orders in a few keystrokes. The efficiencies our Décor Creator brings to the back end of your business will astound you!

HOT Growth industry

The Home Décor/Home Improvement Industry has exploded in recent years with the popularity of TV and Talk Radio shows that dominate the airwaves. The expansion of the "Big Box" Stores and Home & Garden shows have also added to the huge demand for products and services. More people and businesses are spending more money than ever before in their homes and businesses and our Franchisee's mobility and on-site sales is a perfect match for today's convenience driven customers. Most people don't realize the size of the market place, or the demand for our products and services. You will be amazed at the opportunity.

V2K's all inclusive franchise system includes:

· Comprehensive Quick Start Training

· Field Training and Support

· Complete technology package including 3D Décor Creator, laptop and QuickBooks

· 80,000+ computerized inventory items

· Extensive Sample Kit

· Quick Start Marketing program

· V2K manages the ordering and delivery of all products

· And much, much more.

V2K The Virtual Window Fashion Store

Financial Assistance Provided: No
Site Selection Assistance: N/A
Lease Negotiation Assistance: N/A
Co-Operative Advertising: Yes
Training: Comprehensive 2 week training program

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