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United Marketing Solutions

United Marketing Solutions was founded in 1981 as a cooperative coupon company. Since then we have evolved into one of America's premiere direct marketing organizations. Through our network of franchisees we offer local businesses support in three of the fasting growing advertising media: Direct Mail, Direct Marketing and, Point of Sale Advertising. The "Coupon Envelope" is our core product, but unlike many single product franchise companies, we have developed a variety of products which allow our franchisees to offer their clients multiple marketing solutions.

United Marketing Solutionsoffers franchisees SEVEN inter-related business opportunities for ONE franchise fee. While we have individual competitors for most of our business categories, no single company provides the comprehensive range of products offered by United Marketing Solutions.

How do our franchisees make money?

Our business concept is based on providing local business owners with a full range of marketing products and services that will help them acquire new and repeat customers.

Initially, franchisees develop their business through direct sales. Over time they establish relationships with their clients by offering a full range of products and services.

Because we operate a full-service plant where all products are produced, our franchisees enjoy some of the best wholesale rates in the industry. Their gross profit is the difference between our wholesale price and their retail price. We provide assistance in pricing, and full production for all of their jobs. They are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. United Marketing Solutions provides continuous operations, training, and production support.

Our core product

Cooperative Coupon Mailings provide a means whereby our franchisees' clients can reach customers within their immediate neighborhood trade area for pennies per household.

Throughout our franchise network, we have thousands of clients in hundreds of categories - dry cleaners, hair salons, pizza parlors, automotive centers, and every type of restaurant you can imagine. They include local branches and franchises of America's largest and most well known chains. Click on our other products and learn more about us.

How much does it cost to acquire a United Marketing Solutions franchise?

Less than you might imagine.

Our initial franchise fee is $31,500 for an exclusive territory of approximately 80,000 - 100,000 homes. You receive roughly half of the initial license fee back in support and services. Training is ongoing throughout the life of your franchise. It begins with:

· Additional training conducted at regional meetings and our national conference consists, of sales, sales management, financial management, marketing and operations.

· One week of intensive classroom training at our Corporate Office with all expenses paid (airfare, lodging and meals)

· Two visits by a senior trainer to conduct field training in your market.

· A $5,000 production credit towards your first mailing

· 3,000 market softeners mailed to businesses within your exclusive territory

· An initial supply of stationery, forms, and business cards.

Additional start-up costs include a personal computer with modem capability, a color printer, business software, cell phone, a fax machine, answering machine, office furniture, and a car.

Don't associate low start-up costs with a low return. With a United Marketing Solutions franchise you are not encumbered with high rent, expensive inventory, a large staff, and royalty payments. You really are in control of your destiny.

The United Marketing Solutions franchise system is a win-win-win relationship!

Your clients win from a marketing program customized to meet their needs within budget - one that gains them new and repeat customers who spend more dollars with them, more often.

You win from the personal satisfaction of serving your clients well and from the profit that comes from a growing client base with high repeat rates.

United Marketing Solutions wins from its own profitability and a prospering franchise system.

United Marketing Solutions

Financial Assistance Provided: No
Site Selection Assistance: No, franchisees operate from a home office initially
Lease Negotiation Assistance: No, Franchisees may move their business to a small office once they hire salespeople. Typically, this would be a time share complex with a common conference room and receptionist.
Co-Operative Advertising: Yes
Training: Three weeks/ One week pre-training / One week of classroom training / One week field training

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