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The WHIZard Academy for Mathematics and English

Dear Prospective Franchisee, The WHIZard Academy for Mathematics and English is one of the dominant up and coming education franchises in the United States. Since 1994 the Academy has been developing tutoring centers throughout North America. With over 50 tutoring centers in North America the WHIZard Academy for Mathematics and English is synonymous with highly effective, focused and personalized tutoring.

The WHIZard Academy provides supplemental education to pre-school and school-going students.

You do not need previous education experience to become a WHIZard Academy franchise owner. If you have a dream to own your own business and the desire to succeed we will guide you through the next steps towards owning your own business in possibly the most rewarding field of all-education.

Throughout this brochure we will discuss the key critical elements of the WHIZard Academy success story.

· Experience

· Teamwork

· Turnkey Teaching Systems

· Turnkey Marketing and Sales Systems

· Turnkey Operating Systems

We get personal satisfaction from positively impacting the lives of children.

The next step is up to you. After reviewing this information, we hope that you will contact a member of our franchise development team to discuss your options and answer your questions in more detail. We look forward to welcoming you to our team.


The WHIZard Academy for Mathematics and English

· Financial Assistance Provided: No

· Site Selection Assistance: Yes

· Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes

· Co-operative Advertising: No

· Training: 3 week comprehensive theoretical and practical training. 1 week on site training. Ongoing support and training

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