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The Maids Home Services

The Maids Home Services, founded in 1979, is a premier residential cleaning service in the U.S. and Canada. The Maids is the industry's quality leader, with more than 164 franchise partners serving over 90 major US and Canadian cities. The Maids offices can be found in over 40 US states and four Canadian provinces.

The Maids Home Services:Since 1979, The Maids Home Services has been the pioneering leader in the booming residential cleaning industry. The Maids Home Services founder, Dan Bishop, employed time and motion studies to develop the most efficient method of cleaning a home. As a result, THE MAIDS Home Services has revolutionized residential cleaning with our unique, 4-person team-cleaning concept. The Maids Home Services' logo, with our distinctive vacuum letter "d" is known throughout the United States and Canada as the premier residential cleaning service for consumers interested in total quality.

Franchisees who own THE MAIDS Home Services have diverse backgrounds.But whether they were an attorney, executive vice president, hospital administrator, corporate manager or Air Force Wing Commander, their goals were the same. They wanted to operate their own business to provide a successful and secure future for themselves and their family.

They wanted a franchise to take advantage of proven systems and a brand name recognized for quality. They selected THE MAIDS Home Services because we are the very best in the rapidly growing residential cleaning industry. THE MAIDS Home Services also have the systems and complete training they need for every aspect of their business.

THE MAIDS Home Services

· Pioneering Founder, in the business since 1979

· Started Franchising 1980

· Second Largest Maid Service Franchise Company with 937 territories serviced

· Franchise Owners: 165

· Company Units: 5

· Contract Period: 20 years

· Training: Yes

· Internal Financing Available: No

· Third Party Financing Available: Yes

· Published Earnings Claims: We are not required to provide this data, we publish it in our Uniform Franchise Offering Circular to give you the in-depth information you need to make an informed investment decision.

· Small Business Administration Approved

· International Franchise Association Member

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The System

· We provide proven business systems that have evolved over 26 years.

· We clean for health, no one outcleans The Maids!

· We have the 22 step Healthy Touch deep cleaning system, which is the proprietary difference.

· We provide continual training and support with pre-training, corporate training, post-training and on-site training - about 190 days of training in all.

· You manage and grow your business.

· Your employees clean and build customer loyalty. Over 77% of customers are scheduled weekly or every-other-week cleans.

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