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The HomeMag

TheHomeMag is the nation's fastest growing home improvement advertising magazine. Our monthly direct mail advertising magazine brings home improvement companies and homeowners together with inspiring pictures and powerful ads. Home improvement is a $300 billion per year industry, and local companies are always searching for ways to increase their share. TheHomeMag is the solution, already reaching 5 million homes in over 20 markets every month. We are diligent in creating call-generating advertisements, making TheHomeMag the home improvement magazine of choice for local businesses.

Who we're looking for

We are actively seeking hard-working professionals looking to jump onboard with a proven business model. None of our franchisees have publishing experience, but they have all been successful in their respective careers. The one common denominator - they all want to succeed and will work harder than anyone else to make it happen.

To become a publisher of TheHomeMag you should also have:

· A strong sales background

· Ability to lead your team

· Knowledge of your desired market

· A full-time commitment to your success

· A commitment to follow the proven TheHomeMag formula for success

If you can sell, manage, lead a team and follow our tried and tested system, you can be a successful publisher of TheHomeMag.

Our system, your talent

The best part? No publishing experience is required. We have proven systems to ensure your success:

· Production - We handle everything, from designing ads to mailing the magazines so you can focus on selling ad space and providing tremendous customer service.

· Training - No publishing experience is required; we train your entire team at our headquarters and in your exclusive market. Dedicated field sales trainers work with your team to grow your magazine.

· Support - Our industry-leading support team assists you in ensuring that every ad works and every issue is powerful. We even help you hire your team.

We have the markets identified and the systems and training in place. The only component we lack is you! All you need to do is sell, lead and manage your team. We will handle everything else.

Our plan

The notion of being a household brand name is a lofty goal. As we open publishing branches across the US, it is our goal to become that household name. By the end of 2011, it is our intention that over 20 million single family homes will receive our magazine each month, with nearly a quarter of a billion homeowners retrieving TheHomeMag from their mailboxes over the year.

We select, train and support each franchisee in a way that affords them the best opportunity to become a successful publisher of TheHomeMag. We take pride in delivering an industry-leading publication and will do everything within our power to help you publish a top quality magazine month after month. You have our full commitment to these objectives.


Think about it…you lead a small group of people in selling advertising space and publishing a stunning high-end magazine each and every month for years to come. Local businesses will be vying to be on the cover of your magazine. You'll be known as the publisher of TheHomeMag, the magazine that gets results for its advertisers.

If you can see yourself in this role, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about becoming the publisher of TheHomeMag in your territory.

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