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Street Corner

Street Corner is an ideal franchise for any high traffic location. In 1988, we launched the first of our convenience stores developed and designed exclusively for the large regional shopping mall evnironment. Our first store and the Company's headquarters are based in Topeka, KS. After building out eight company-owned stores, which include our locations at the Mall of America, Underground Atlanta and many other national tourist destinations in various regions of the country, we began to gain recognition as a national convenience store and geared uniquely for the world of the enclosed malls retail centers. In 1996, we launched a franchise program for our mall based "Street Corner" concept. Whe have since sold all of our company owned stores and now solely franchise. We expect to close our 2004 year with about 50 store operations coast-to-coast. Our stores cater to the often-overlooked needs of our country's regional malls.

A mini-convenience store...right in the mall

Every mall needs a Street Corner
The Street Corner concept fills a real need -- for both shoppers and mall employees. Street Corner offers them a place to buy those items that can't be found anywhere else in the mall. As well as a welcome spot to just take a break...from the shopping or the job. The Street Corner store is where people can pop in for a soft drink or bag of chips, get a pack of cigarettes or buy a needed drug store item. And maybe find a novelty gift item for the kids.

Our franchisees find that the high traffic location and open store design attract mall shoppers who just need some directions to a certain store...and who often buy something while they're there. Some stores even have a news channel running continuously to a TV set to attract passers-by. And the sales opportunity is continuous. Not only when mall traffic is high, but from all those mall employees who may be there 40 hours a week. Street Corner Stores are available for malls and most other high traffic locations. We are currently seeking qualified investors to create and operate Street Corner In-line and Kiosk stores to fill the nationwide demand.

Your opportunity could be just around the Corner
McColla Enterprises is seeking qualified franchisees to create and operate their own Street Corner stores, taking advantage of one of today's fastest growing retailing opportunities.

Advantages include:

· High-traffic locations

· Low labor requirements

· Captive customer base

· Year-round sales continuity

· Popular consumer products and brands

· Customizable selection

· Flexible store design

· Lively, eye-catching graphics

· Timely sales reporting

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