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SOHO HERO has recently evolved from the Mail and More franchise, answering the demands of the SOHO market for more relevant and meaningful services. While the franchisor continues to provide similar (and expanded) services, the focus has shifted completely to meeting the unique needs of these professionals. With over seventeen million so-called SOHOs, this quickly expanding market is poised for tremendous growth - and we plan to grow to serve it better.

SOHO HERO is an innovative, yet established franchisor of business services headquartered in Atlanta. The new look and feel of the business service center provides a comfortable and creative environment for the owner/operators and the customers they serve, their neighborhood SOHOs (Small Office/Home Office Professionals). Founded in 1997 by Chris Kouloukas, the company has many locations in southeastern markets with national growth aspirations. The company is run by senior executives with deep experience in retail, franchising, real estate and finance: the four cornerstones of success in this business.

SOHO HERO customers come from all backgrounds, areas, and professions. There are over 17,000,000 small office / home offices in North America and that number is growing quickly. All of these SOHO HERO customers have a few things in common:

· They work (either primarily or occasionally) from home

· Their needs differ from their corporate counterparts with regard to service

· They require new combinations of services and new kinds of support that they report are hard to find (well, not anymore, thanks to SOHO HERO)

SOHO HERO customers are often intrepid, bold - heroes in their own right. Whether they are starting a new business from the ground up, already in business for themselves, or working at home for a large employer, these professionals share a work ethic and passion about what they do. They are involved with their families and have needs that go beyond what self service can provide. They are performance-based - that is, they invest in themselves, depend on themselves (as do others), and they reap the rewards accordingly.

Just like you, when you become a SOHO HERO owner/operator.

With our mission in mind, we fully believe that in order for the customers to be happy, the people behind the counter have to be happy first. So, we've designed SOHO HERO™ from the ground up around our franchisees. Here, you won't find restaurant-like long hours or heavy physical labor. Instead, you will find a well-designed business model that gives you the kind of support you'll need as you get into your own business.
Plus, by introducing the SOHO HERO™ concept as an owner/operator in your neighborhood, you will have:

· Have time for your family

· Work close (very close) to home

· Be your own boss

· Build an asset while you work

Once you contact us, and we chat, and meet, and you do due diligence and decide that you'd like to join us a SOHO HERO™ owner/operator, we help you:

· Obtain financing

· Select the right location for business service center

· Build out & establish your business service center

· Get trained

· Find customers

· Provide all your marketing support

· Support you until you reach operating break-even - and beyond.


Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Must Be Approved
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: Yes
Training: 5 Days Pre-Opening Training / 5 Days of Training for first 5 Days of Opening / 2 Day Sales/Marketing Training

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