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Protect Painters

Protect Painters provides painting in the residential and light commercial painting market. With a low start-up investment of US$38,000 you can get started quickly with the support from Head Office the 20+ years of paint franchising experience (we founded the first full-time painting franchise company). Our ideal candidate is one that has strong leadership/organizational skills.

Protect Painters offers you the freedom of owning your own business backed by a proven business system. When you invest in a Protect Painters franchise, you'll acquire thorough business training and comprehensive start-up systems.

But we don't stop there. You can count on our professional support from the very start. As a Protect Painters franchise owner, you'll enjoy the benefits of being in business for yourself, without the steep learning curve of being in business by yourself. You'll receive one-on-one guidance from the most experienced painting franchise trainer in the business. It is like having a complete staff of expert advisors who are committed to your success.

Our support for your new business begins well before you even start. We do a detailed evaluation of your desired area. The founder of the company will make a personal visit. This is to reduce your risk by determining that the demand for painting exists - before you start. As you grow you will continue to receive expert advice to help your business grow . You will be guided step-by-step through your early months (crucial for your success) and for many years ahead.

A Built-In Business Partner

The initial training is 10 days - giving you the skills needed to succeed (marketing, estimating, production management, recruiting...). You will learn everything there is to know to estimate a job, and produce a high quality profitable job. Although you may have never picked up a paintbrush, you will soon be recognized as a painting professional in your market. And you'll have the know-how to offer a level of service that develops excellent customer relations for repeat business and referral calls.

Our franchisees enjoy a competitive advantage over independent small business owners because of name recognition, technical assistance, a proven business format and ongoing management assistance.

Protect Painters requires a far lower cash investment than most other franchise systems. And because it is not a retail business, there's little inventory and minimum overhead. Protect Painters specifically allocates a major portion of it's franchise fee to training and start-up support.

Our franchisees are postal workers, professional painters (whom joined our system), sales managers, and corporate managers. They all have one thing in common - excellent leadership skills and are well organized - they also share the commitment to learning the Protect Painters system and working within it. If you are this kind of hard working individual, we would like to hear from you.

Come Join The Protect Painters Team!

Protect Painters is a leader in the residential painting markets across North America. The Protect Painters system is your key to success. We've developed a complete system: business plan, sales generating advertising etc. that really work.

Our franchisees aren't painters, but they do manage a complex business. You'll benefit from our marketing and advertising programs that make your phones ring and from our interactive computer operating system that will help you manage every aspect of your business-right down to the profits!

Apply your ambition to succeed, your well-developed people skills and your commitment to follow the system. Complete the short form below and we will tell you more.

You Have The Ability To Succeed...We have The Proven System!

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