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Parcel Plus

Parcel Plus services cater to the outside sales person, the person who doesn't have enough time, and the busy business owner who wants to outsource their shipping and packaging requirements. Besides the traditional services of packaging, packing supplies and freight, Parcel Plus offers pickup, crating, shipment and insuring cargo with quick quotations.

At Parcel Plus, we offer a full range of packing, mailing and worldwide shipping services. From business equipment and computer components to fragile antiques and collectibles, the Parcel Plus distribution network interfaces with preferred carriers such as UPS, U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, DHL, Roadway and many more. By offering a choice of carriers, Parcel Plus gives you the best solution to pack, ship and track your valuables every time.
Other services offered by many Parcel Plus centers include greeting cards, gift wrapping supplies and wrapping service, faxing, mailboxes, convenience copiers, mailing services, business cards, office supplies, specialty advertising, labels, notary, banners, name badges, and rubber stamps.

Besides retail pack-and-ship, we offer crating and shipping of larger cargo items. Additional revenue streams include copying, faxing, mailbox rentals and mailing services.

Prior to providing professional pack-and-ship services, you attend a two-week training program at our international training facility. They receive hands-on guidance in operations, business planning, financial analysis, target marketing and other essential areas. FedEx® and UPS® provide preferred pricing tiers. The National Marketing Fund pays for the creation and distribution of professionally designed advertising materials to help grow your business. Financing is available to approved applicants.


Parcel Plus

Financial Assistance Provided: Financing available to approved applicants.
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: No
Training: : 5 weeks (3 Week Pre-Training from Home & 2 Weeks in Cypress, Texas with lodging and some meals), ongoing workshops/seminars/conferences

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