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Mile High Karate

Mile High Karate is part of the $10.6 billion health and fitness facility industry. It is estimated that only 2% of the population (6 million people) have experienced martial arts, which leaves enormous opportunity for growth. Mile High Karate focuses primarily on the kids market - and, their parents. Demand has never been higher for developmental programs for kids 4 - 12 and, for health family activities.

Mile High Karatefranchisees do not have to have martial arts experience. All training provided or, employees may be available for teachers.

Mile High Karate builds a strong foundation for kids and families to grow upon, by emphasizing character education and life skills through fundamentals of Martial Arts training. Mile High Karate strives to set new and demanding standards for innovative programming, compassionate and inspiring teaching, community outreach, and student development. Mile High Karate schools:

• Combine family, community outreach and fun to make a significant contribution to the community.
• Contribute to the self-development of children by focusing on education, success skills, character and goal setting.
• Have the ability to positively impact families, while also providing an excellent return on investment.

Here are some additional highlights of the Mile High Karate franchise:

• Systems with 23 years of proven success
• Comprehensive training
• On-going training and support
• Site selection and lease negotiation assistance
• Excellent marketing and advertising support
• Specialized software for finance and marketing
• Strong referral business
• Franchisee does not have to have martial arts experience


Mile High Karate

· Financial Assistance Provided: Yes, 3rd Party

· Site Selection Assistance Provided: Yes

· Lease Negotiation Assistance Provided: Yes

· Co-operative Advertising Available: Yes

· Preparation : 7 weeks

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