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LearningRx Centers

LearningRx centers provide cognitive skills training that improve the brain's ability to process information. The LearningRx training programs go beyond the symptoms of academic struggles to attack the root problem - the limitations to the student's ability to learn.

LearningRx Franchise

LearningRx is a franchise at the forefront of finding and correcting the root of learning problems. 15,000 students have increased their reading and learning skills (attention, memory, reasoning, visual or auditory processing, or processing speed) by 4 grade levels within 24 weeks using these innovative programs. Education is predicted to be the leading growth industry of the 21st century and studies show that 88% of learning problems have as its primary cause one or more weak cognitive skills.

Being a LearningRx franchisee can bring you financial independence, career satisfaction, and most of all being able to offer the help someone may need.

Features that make LearningRx a unique and exciting opportunity:

1. Our proprietary products
ThinkRX:Builds underlying mental skills to make learning easier, faster, and better.
ReadRX:Builds reading and spelling skills that are unequaled by any other program.
MathRX:Develops the cognitive skills that are required to learn mathematical concepts.
Lift-Off:Designed to build life-long cognitive strength in pre-school through first grade students.

2. LearningRx results are unmatched!
On average, LearningRx students gain 12 months of reading or learning skills each month they train with us!

3. LearningRx programs are proven!
While developing and testing LearningRx programs, more than 10,000 students from over 500 doctors' offices and clinics averaged these remarkable improvements. LearningRx programs are proven and they work!

4. LearningRx provides you with a powerful business system.
Combining the LearningRx business system with LearningRx's proven programs has yielded revenues that are 12 times greater than past users who used our programs with their own business systems.

5. LearningRx franchise - a ground floor opportunity!
There is no better time to get involved with LearningRx! We are in the beginning stages of franchising this incredible opportunity. Franchises are available in hundreds of areas. Take advantage of the opportunity and open a LearningRx center in your home town.

6. LearningRx franchise = financial success!
Opportunity and possibility go hand in hand. The opportunity to have your own LearningRx franchise creates the possibility of your own financial success. Take advantage of the opportunity and create your own financial independence and success today! Opportunity is the key to success.

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