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LaVida Massage

Are you thinking of opening your own LaLavida Massage Franchise?

Well that's great! The fastest growing segment in business today is the Health & Wellness industry! Did you know that Americans indulge more today on anti-aging and health products than ever before? In fact consumers (especially aging baby boomers) spend over 6 billion dollars on massage therapy each year!

Research shows that since 1988 the number of Americans relying on benefits of massage therapy has doubled. Therapy by massage is now recognized as a legitamate medical treatment. The awareness of the effects of stress through everyday events and the link between stress and disease is extraordinary. Now is the time to start your LaVida Massage center!

Why Choose LaVida Massage you ask? NON MEMERSHIP BASED!

Your new LaVida Massage centers is expertly planned for professional operation. LaVida has everything covered from day-to day franchise support along with pre-planning of your site. NO MEMBERSHIP FEES - along with affordable massages puts LaVida in a a class by itself.

You don't have to rely on forceful sales pitches which have been proven to discourage repeat customers. Instead you can offer one affordably low price that stays consistent, not just an introductory offer.

As you research the LaVida business model you will notice that our policies are designed to instill and maintain consumer loyalty. Superior customer service is a standard practice that puts LaVida in a class by itself. Your pampered clients will always feel welcome and enjoy the affordable benefits of massage therapy.

You want to work for yourself but don't want the overwhelming task of coming up with a business plan. Well it must be destiny that you stumbled upon this franchise. Massage therapy is and ever growing profitable industry. Feel free to investigate the other informative pages on this site, or jump right in a request invaluable massage franchise info today. It will be well worth your time.

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