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Kwik Kopy Business Center

Kwik Kopy Business Center is the newest business solutions concept ... one of nine franchise systems that are part of the International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED). We like to call it ... the ICED family. Kwik Kopy Business Center (KKBC) brings together two ICED franchises: Kwik Kopy Printing and Parcel Plus - two complete franchise concepts for only one franchise fee.

Combine our renowned Kwik Kopy Printing franchise with our pack-and-ship brand, Parcel Plus, and you have our newest business solutions concept - Kwik Kopy Business Centers.

How is a KKBC different from other printing franchises?
Kwik Kopy Business Center is two franchises in one: the original Kwik Kopy print and copy business combined with the Parcel Plus pack and ship business.

The primary function of any Kwik Kopy Business Center is to serve the printing and copying needs of small and medium-sized businesses in the area. Black and white or color, long run or short run, standard and over-sized - your Kwik Kopy Business Center, with its sophisticated digital equipment, can provide whatever services the market demands.

The Parcel Plus pack and ship center component of our concept is an ideal way to expand your services. A growing number of Americans are operating businesses out of their homes which means there's an increased demand for post office boxes, packing, shipping, copying, faxing, and notary services. And the retail product offerings of a Parcel Plus make your Kwik Kopy Business Center even more attractive. In fact, your Kwik Kopy Business Center serves not just as a supplier, but as a partner for businesses in the area.

Location is crucial to the success of a Kwik Kopy Business Center. The ideal outlet is in a strip center, preferably one anchored by a popular grocery store. The perfect center is surrounded by an upscale community of high-income, working families. In addition, there are a number of small to medium-sized businesses to support the Kwik Kopy Business Center outlet.

Of course, Kwik Kopy Business Center gives you all the tools you need to service your customer and grow your business. We conduct market research and gather demographic data to help each of our franchisees select a location that will work for them - a location that will help ensure success.

Do I have to know printing to buy a KKBC?
Initial training for new Kwik Kopy Business Center owners takes place over a three-week-plus period at our International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED) headquarters in Cypress, Texas. One week focuses on operations (receiving files, production, packing and ship, etc.), one week on administration (finance, personnel, management), one week on sales and marketing (sales, sales management). Franchise owners are also encouraged to send their employees for training.

Before your Kwik Kopy Business Center opens, a trainer will spend time with you at your site. In addition to helping you get the center ready for opening, the trainer will make sure you are ready to effectively run your center. When you've been open for six to nine months, the trainer will make a return visit to address any special needs or issues you have at that time.

Training is an ongoing endeavor at Kwik Kopy Business Center. New technologies, products, and services are introduced and reviewed at Quarterly Education Summits. At Kwik Kopy Business Center, we know that good training is critical for good business.


Kwik Kopy Business Center

Financial Support : No
Training: Yes

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