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Heidis Brooklyn Deli

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli started as a bagel and ice cream store in a small 1,400 sq. ft. space in a 100 year old building in Denver, Colorado. "Heidi's Bagels and Ice Cream" later named Heidi's Brooklyn Deli" was opened Sept. 9, 1994. From pastrami to corned beef to prime rib sandwiches and tasty wraps, to fresh salads, soups and healthy smoothies, to mouth-watering cheesecake, ice cream and other delectable desserts, you'll want to keep coming back to try something new.

"If you think you can find a better deli, just fuggedaboudit!"

Heidi's In a Snap-Shot

What began as a small, neighborhood corner ice cream parlor has evolved into a full-fledged deli. Started by a couple of Brooklyn transplants looking for the flavors of home, this deli comes with a heavy dose of New York flavor and a bit of New York attitude. Naked bagels are a mere $.89 apiece, or start with the Brooklyn Breakfast sandwich, piled with cheese, eggs and a choice of meat. The deli also has 31 sandwiches, including meatloaf, and in true New York fashion sells Sabrett hot dogs. There are also an array of desserts, and a full selection of coffee and espresso drinks.

Heidi's History

Heidi and Steve Naples came to Colorado from Brooklyn New York in search of a place that would feed their spirit. They never knew that while Denver was a great place to feed their spirit, feeding their stomachs was a whole different smear of cream cheese.

Steve found himself raising money selling television commercial time for the ABC affiliate, while Heidi was raising their two small girls. After five years of being surrounded with fast food chains and "kind of" Deli food, Steve and Heidi took the plunge. And with a small second mortgage on their 105-year-old fixer upper, they opened their first store.

At the same time Steve and Heidi were opening "Heidi's Bagels and Ice cream" Steve also continued to support the family by selling Television airtime. This was until he found himself too busy ordering deli meats from the TV station. He knew if he didn't make a decision, he too would be dead meat. So, with no money in the bank, but customers at the store door, he quit. This decision cut his income more than in half. He lost the expensive suits as well as the expense accounts and started smearing cream cheese in a big way. No problem, they figured, they could eat and sleep at the store if things didn't work out.

Our Success

Luckily it all worked out, and Heidi's Bagels and Ice cream grew from a 1400 sq. ft shop, selling only bagels and Ice Cream and a few sandwiches, to an almost 4000 sq. ft full deli. Selling over 35 different killer sandwiches on fresh baked bread, hot foods, desserts and of course fresh baked bagels and 32 flavors of ice cream, Heidi's Brooklyn Deli was born in the summer of 1997.

In one month from being a bagel and ice cream store to a full deli, Heidi's gross receipts doubled.

In May of 1999 a second Heidi's Brooklyn Deli was born in a northern suburb of Denver called Northglenn, Colorado. This additional store has surpassed every expectation almost matching the first store's revenue in its first month of operation.

Still today Heidi and Steve Naples, and their over growing staff, work hard everyday to bring a real, true deli experience to the West. While Steve and Heidi are the only owners of the concept, they are presently granting a limited number of franchises across the country.

Support & Training Provided:

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli

· Financial Assistance: Heidi's Brooklyn Deli does not provide financial assistance however a listing of lenders that have been used by other franchisees is readily available.

· Site Selection Assistance: Site Selection Criteria will be provided for broker assistance. Outside Site Selection company information available.

· Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes, but not active Negotiation.

· Co-Operative Advertising: Currently there are no advertising co-ops. However, should local or regional co-ops be established, up to 4% maximum is possible (2% for Local & 2% for National)

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