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HealthSource Chiropractic

HealthSource Chiropractic... a modern, aggressive business model that literally transforms how chiropractic care is delivered in America. Why HealthSource Chiropractic? Simple. They have the most innovative, tested, proven and successful systems for growth in the industry. Never before has there been such an opportunity in chiropractic care, which includes both classic single/multi-unit franchises and master franchises.

Progressive Rehabilitation

The newest and biggest development in chiropractic care is called "Progressive Rehab™". Progressive Rehab™ is taking chiropractic care into the world of high technology when it comes to pain relief and stabilization. It combines the most modern, fastest acting chiropractic techniques with cutting edge physical therapy technology.

Two of the most incredible changes are adding "Cold Laser Therapy" and "Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy". When combined with chiropractic care, the results are simply amazing. In fact, new research shows spinal decompression to be very successful in treating painful herniated and slipped discs!

Without Progressive Rehab™, the same old outdated, slow acting stuff is used in the hopes it will work to get you feeling better again. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Why take the gamble with your health and well being?

Progressive Rehab™ is the best thing to ever happen in chiropractic, and HealthSource pioneered its development and use and continues to punch the envelope to always find new and faster acting techniques.

There are many chiropractic clinics out there. Almost all of them are exactly the same. Only HealthSource uses a very advanced system of health care called Progressive Rehab™. This is the cutting edge of non-surgical and non-drug pain relief.

Now, the typical chiropractic office simply uses the same slow working, old-fashioned chiropractic techniques from 50 years ago. Then maybe you'll get some muscle stimulations from an old rust machine. Then you might get an ice pack or heat pack that's been on about 10 different people that same day without being cleaned.

We don't do that. Never have, Never will. We use Progressive Rehab™. What is Progressive Rehab™? Good question. Progressive Rehab™ combines the most modern and painless chiropractic techniques and care available with state of the art physical therapy. This is designed for one purpose and one purpose only. Progressive Rehab™ targets your painful area, makes an accurate diagnosis of why you have the pain, eliminates the pain, then fixes or stabilizes the injured area to keep you pain free and functioning at your absolute best.

Let's see...old, outdated treatment with questionable results, or new, high tech care that is setting the gold standard. You make the choice.


HealthSource Chiropractic

· Financial Assistance Provided: Yes, 3rd Party

· Site Selection Assistance: Yes

· Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes

· Co-Operative Advertising: No

· Training: 2 weeks- Single Unit / 3 weeks- Master

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