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FUN BUS is the right business at the right time!! No resource we have today is more important than our children. A major part of that resource are children 's mental and physical development. That is what FUN BUS is all about -ensuring this growth through a business that entertains as well as develops children.

All Fun Buses are uniquely designed and age appropriately equipped to capture the heart of children ages 2-7 years. It even gets the adults excited! As a FUN BUSowner, you take your FUN BUS to schools, churches, special events, parties, and any other places where children gather. The flexible scheduling, ability to control your own income, variety of schools/centers, children, parties, and the potential for growth is how the FUN BUS can turn your life around!

FUN BUS is a complete "Turn Key" business.

We have buses pre-designed with all the latest equipment as well as an operational system that gets you going fast. Our marketing system will ensure a steady flow of customers and generate high interest in your business.

FUN BUS is the children's "Fun Fitness Program", with a low-cost, high profit operating system offering a fun time, and a memorable experience for all!

The FUN BUS is a kid's fitness center on wheels. Children jump for joy when they see the FUN BUS pull up to their daycare center, birthday party, or special event.

FUN BUSfranchise owners love the freedom, flexibility, family time, and financial rewards with this unique opportunity. This is a home-based business with low overhead, low employees, and low monthly expenses. Owners have the opportunity to a build a steady and weekly cashflow program with our daycare center marketing plan.

The FUN BUSFitness FUN on Wheels™ is a full-sized, refurbished school bus that provides a 30-minute fitness and fun program to children ages 2-7. The bus is specially designed with age appropriate equipment like padded mats, swings rings, climbing shapes, slides, and much more. Music and games add even more enjoyment to the experience. The kids have a blast!

The FUN BUSbusiness model has created a trusted program for parents and a low risk program for owners. Two people are on the bus at all times and you never drive the bus with kids. Driving the bus is easy - it's like driving an RV and no special license is needed. The bus is climate controlled and is comfortable year round no matter where you live.

Look out America, here comes the
FUN BUS Fitness FUN On Wheels™.
Single, Multi-Unit, and Master programs are available.

The FUN BUS is a full sized school bus whose seats have been removed and walls and floor carpeted and padded. Classes take place right on the bus and it NEVER moves while the children are on it. We pull right up to the front door of day care centers and provide a ½ hour of fun, fitness, games, and music - it's a blast and the kids LOVE IT.

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