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DuctMedic has specialized in air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services for over 10 years. By focusing all efforts on this one service we have become a premier company in our industry. DuctMedic will never clean carpets or repair a furnace - indoor air quality is what we do, it's all we do.

DuctMedic's services, products and solutions help to provide cleaner, healthier air in any indoor environment. DuctMedic has set the benchmark for quality with its unique 82-Step Cleaning Proccess, which meets national standards set forth by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Our Air Quality Technicians personify DuctMedic's dedication to quality. They go through a rigorous three-phase, 10-month in-house training process resulting in national certification.

By completing thousands of jobs, DuctMedic has engineered better tools and discovered better ways to provide optimum results in cleaning. More importantly, DuctMedic takes customer satisfaction very seriously. Every customer is guaranteed satisfaction on every product and service provided.

The air quality in homes and businesses is quickly becoming one of the great environmental issues of our time. The reason that our industry has become of such great importance is obvious:

· Homes are being built with synthetic and chemical-laden materials.

· Structures are built more efficiently which means they are more air tight.

This eliminates natural ventilation, which traps airborne contaminants and chemicals causing them to be recirculated continually within the structure.

Air Duct Cleaning is just one part of that solution and that's were DuctMedic Air Duct Cleaning comes in. Our service provides our customers with clear empirical data on what air quality needs they have and the customized solutions they need to solve those problems.

We teach franchisees how to create a meaningful workplace for their team members. The result is a team that "owns" the ideas and tasks of the business, and ultimately drives it to excellence and greater profits. A duct cleaning franchise opportunity is not just about owning your own business - it's about improving the lives of others as well - starting with your own employees.

We are excited to offer a business that provides a product that people need in an industry that continues to grow exponentially every year. We believe a DuctMedic air duct cleaning franchise is a tremendous opportunity. If you have been looking for a great air duct cleaning franchise opportunity, look no further than DuctMedic.


Financing: SBA (OAC)
Training & Support: Yes
Number of Employees: 2

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