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Dry Cleaning Station

Dry Cleaning Station is a positive franchising opportunity for the potential business owner. Franchising with us combines the strengths of your local ownership with our business experience and expertise, combined with national development and coordination. Those looking for a franchise opportunity with relatively low startup costs in a stable industry will do well to look at Dry Cleaning Station. The Dry Cleaning Station system brings an environmentally friendly form of dry cleaning that's also safe for the customer as well as the employee.

The Dry Cleaning Station® has operated in the United States since 1993. It offers one of the leading dry cleaning franchised services in the world, with an emphasis on environmentally sound cleaning products and techniques. The Dry Cleaning Station® offers three facility options. Depending upon the size of facility and on the type of equipment chosen, a franchisee may operate a "full service" store, a "drop station" store or a "plant store". A full service store is a retail store that has a dry cleaning and shirt processing plant on site. A drop station store is a retail store that has no dry cleaning or shirt processing plant on site, but that has direct access to a full service store in the Dry Cleaning Station® system. If there is not a full service store in the market that the franchisee will have direct access to, the franchisee may not open a drop station store. A plant store is a store that does not provide retail services but has a shirt processing plant on site allowing the franchisee to process and launder garments for other The Dry Cleaning Station® retail stores.

The Dry Cleaning Station® is also launching a co-branded system under the name the Alterations Station®, which will offer on-site quick service alterations

The right candidate can also pursue an agency license from the Dry Cleaning Station®, under which they will receive compensation for finding qualified franchise prospects, and providing a certain amount of ongoing support to the network of the Dry Cleaning Station® franchisees within that candidate's territory.

A high-quality, lower priced dry cleaner and shirt laundry offering a special niche in the industry. Dry Cleaning Station features Five Points of Distinction to the consumer:
1. Everyday Lower Prices
2. Highest Quality
3. "Outrageous Service"
4. Comfortable Atmosphere
5. Environmentally Friendly
Dry Cleaning Station also provides proprietary unique software/computer systems and attractively-designed, high-traffic stores. We offer a unique franchise opportunity tailored to your needs, including exclusive territories, drop stores, plants, area development and Master Franchise programs.

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: Yes
Training: 10-15 Days at a Store and at Headquarters.

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