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DUCTZ Air Duct Cleaning

DUCTZ Air Duct Cleaning offers residential air duct cleaning service with ability to grow into commercial markets. Services offered are part of $5.6-billion dollar indoor air quality industry with 21.2% potential growth of environmental services segment through 2008. Allergens, pet dander, mold and dust in the air are quality of life problems that a DUCTZ owner can gain satisfaction and fulfillment by providing solutions. Key advantages are: unique business to business marketing strategy; exclusive territory protects business-to-business Partner network; emerging industry with no national leaders; cash & repeat business; qualified consumer leads; no inventory; Monday through Friday 8-5; affordable investment; and, time for self and family. Franchisees may start their business in the home. DUCTZ Home Office provides "Jump Start" marketing program to initiate "warm" Partner networking leads.

For The Air You Breathe...For the Life You Lead.

If you want to grow an equity business that can provide financial rewards and a supportive family-friendly lifestyle, the DUCTZ franchise opportunity is for you.

DUCTZ is leading the way with patented methods, up-to-date technology, and professional workmanship to improve our indoor air quality. This is a business that you can be proud to own and to operate.

As a DUCTZ franchisee, you'll be part of a certified team of air quality experts using our patented DUCTBUSTERS Cleaning Process® that involves 124 exact and distinct tasks to improve the air we breathe.

For our franchisees, we provide the latest equipment, established business systems, comprehensive training, cutting-edge computer programs and a seasoned support network to help maximize your business potential.

An Emerging Industry Creates an Entrepreneurial Opportunity.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that indoor air quality is four to five times more polluted than outdoor air. The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health.

Today's energy-efficient homes and buildings are "airtight" and surprisingly good at trapping irritating airborne particles like dust, mold, pollen, insect remains, and odors.

The primary environment for these contaminants is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit and ductwork. That's because the moist, temperate environment creates an ideal habitat for mold, fungi, bacteria and other microbes to grow.

Where there's a market problem, entrepreneurs search for a business opportunity.

The solution to remove these contaminants from the environment is simple: clean the HVAC system. But to effectively clean an HVAC system, you need the right combination of patented methods, superior technology, and professional workmanship-qualities that are only available from DUCTZ, the indoor air professionals:

Only DUCTZ Features the Patented Ductbusters Cleaning Process.


· Financial Assistance Provided: NO (Other than FranVet program)

· Site Selection Assistance: NA

· Lease Negotiation Assistance: NA

· Co-Operative Advertising: NA

· Training: Two week program at home office and DUCTZ National Training & Testing Center. Week 1 is business and marketing aspects; Week 2 is hands on field training.

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