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Currito Burritos Without Borders

Currito Burritos Without Borders restaurants (formerly Boloco Inspired Burritos) are one part urban café and one part neighborhood hangout. The design is sophisticated enough to do the food justice and casual enough to become part of the neighborhood. Currito has lightning quick service, but the clean lines and warm tones make our restaurants beautiful, contemporary and relaxing. All of our inline locations offer free WI-FI access, which encourages our customers to view Currito as more than just a restaurant.

Cure for the COMMON burrito:

At Currito, we've discovered the cure for the common burrito--going where no burrito has ever "burrito-ed" before. We said adios to the boring burrito and spiced ours up with flavors from around the world.

Our search for new tastes and combinations has taken us across the country and around the globe, so you get the freshest, tastiest and anything-but-boring burritos possible. And great smoothies.

The cornerstones of the Currito concept are Burritos Without Borders. Pushing beyond fresh Mexican cuisine and typical wrap restaurants, Currito serves the cure for the common burrito. Burritos Without Borders aren't necessarily Mexican, but they are hot, delicious and addictive. Mediterranean, Mexican, American and Asian are just a sampling of the flavors which allow Currito to appeal to a variety of customers.

Freshly marinated chicken and steak are seared on a char broiler, fresh salsas are made daily and each burrito is tightly rolled to order in front of the customer. Fillings such as freshly steamed brown rice and gently spiced tofu offer healthy options; however, Currito's menu allows customers to take control of their dining experience. Each burrito can be as healthy or indulgent as the customer's imagination allows.

The perfect complement to our burritos are our refreshing smoothies. Customer options range from the healthy, cool Triathlete made with real fruit juice and real fruit to the delicious milkshake made with real milk and non-fat frozen yogurt. Our smoothies are great because they start with great ingredients-never with mixes or syrups.

Franchisees will enjoy being supported by a team that has a proven track record. Our services begin the minute a new franchisee joins our family. We offer support in site selection, lease negotiation, construction, training, marketing, design, and ongoing operations. We understand and live by the philosophy that our franchise partners are the lifeblood of our company. We will do anything within reason to make sure that our franchisees are happy.

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