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Computertots is an early childhood education program conducted at childcare centers and preschools for children ages three to five. Their core purpose is to help build academic readiness skills in language arts, math, science, art and music using technology. They also introduce children to problem-solving and computer operations through educator-designed lesson plans and hands-on activities.


Computertots Child Education & Development Franchise offers instruction for children ages three to five, conducted at childcare centers, preschools and in community centers. Its core purpose is to help build academic readiness skills in language arts, math, science, art and music, plus introduce children to problem-solving and computer operations through educator designed lesson plans and hands-on activities.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS provides trained technology resource teachers who plan and guide the lessons for students ages 6 through adult. CTCE's teachers integrate dynamic projects into the academic core curriculum areas of social studies, science, language arts and mathematics. Students reinforce their academic knowledge at the same time they learn and use technology productivity tools.

School administrators around the country are concerned about their studentsÍ performance on standardized tests. Research has shown that the more we use information, the better we retain it; COMPUTER EXPLORERS integrates core curriculum content as the basis for its project-based learning of technology skills.

As an example, if 4th grade students are studying the American Revolution in social studies, and are learning how to do multimedia presentations in the computer lab, COMPUTER EXPLORERS students would use information about the revolution as the content of their slide shows. Project content could include maps of the thirteen colonies, information about the author of the Declaration of Independence, graphs of cash crops, a recipe for cornbread, and drawings of musketsƒ with the slides enhanced by fife and drum music playing in the background!

COMPUTER EXPLORERS teachers meet regularly with classroom teachers to develop lesson plans in science, language arts, mathematics and social studies. We challenge our students to create projects that make use of multiple technology skills including:

Basic Computer Operations

· Word Processing

· Spreadsheets

· Databases ´ Graphics

· Multimedia Presentations

· Internet Exploration and Research

· Web site Design

COMPUTER EXPLORERS' turnkey technology solution for public and private schools provides a technology instructor, curriculum and lesson plans, and project-based learning that integrates core curriculum content. Our scope and sequence meets and exceeds National Educational Technology Standards.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS for CTCE students include after-school programs and summer camps with techno-centered peripherals - robots and robotics, digital cameras, scanners, movies, electronic microscopes.

Franchisees have exceptional people skills, are dedicated to improving education and want to make a difference in their communities. CTCE franchisees grow their businesses by developing strong relationships with preschool directors, school principals and parents.

Although a full-time job, this home-based business offers a unique and flexible schedule for the owner.

New franchisees receive a two-week comprehensive instruction course at our international training facility. Areas of focus include understanding the fundamental concepts in today's education industry, products and services based on those education concepts, consultative marketing and sales, and business implementation - operational planning and financial analysis.

· Annual conference: Yes

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