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BounceU offers a rare opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to have the time of their lives while going into business for themselves. When customers enter a BounceU franchise, their faces light up with excitement and the anticipation of participating in a BounceU event shows in their actions. Potential franchisees have the same reaction when they enter one of our facilities.

"BounceU Significantly Improved Our Happiness"

"BounceU has provided me and my wife with an unbelievable opportunity to build a substantial business and take complete control of our future. The initial training and ongoing support gave us exactly what we needed to be successful. We've significantly improved our overall level of happiness, and we truly have a business in BounceU that we can absolutely be proud to tell people about."

- Paul Burkitt, Franchisee, Oaks, PA

What is BounceU?

Each BounceU facility is an indoor, climate-controlled stadium filled with giant inflatable play structures, accompanied by additional play equipment and video arcade games. In addition to hosting birthday parties and other special occasions, BounceU stadiums also offer "open bounce" sessions to provide franchise owners with an additional revenue stream.

This business model works. Here's how -

1. Birthday parties are big business.
Parents earn more money, but have less free time to plan parties. At BounceU, we coordinate, set up, supervise, facilitate and clean up. In short, we handle everything so that the parents can relax and enjoy the event.

2. Instant marketability.Each BounceU party is a live commercial and a chance for you to gain more customers! Children and parents see firsthand how fun and easy these parties are.

3. Our inflatables are dependable. All equipment meets the highest safety standards. It is truly a controlled environment.

4. We create happy memories. With BounceU's highly trained "party pros" overseeing every event, parents can experience that coveted feeling of having created a happy memory with their child.

5. Unbeatable value! Once parents add up the costs to host the event at home and compare it to what it would cost to have the event at BounceU, they quickly see the unbeatable value and service that BounceU provides.

What "U" can expect from BU Management

- Site Selection Assistance: Finding the right location is the cornerstone for your business success. BounceU uses its site selection system to work with each franchisee in selecting and approving the best location in the desired territory.

- Facility Layout and Design Services: Business owners are provided with a detailed facility layout design drawing and an inviting decor package

- Training, Grand Opening Support and "The Recipe":BounceU provides comprehensive training, both at our corporate offices and at your franchise location. We have an experienced pre-opening team to get you started on the right foot and to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're not alone. You will be provided with the "recipe" to the BounceU business model, which consists of Operations Manuals that address Pre-Opening activities, Employee and Management training, Business Management, and Day-to-Day Operations. All of our training was created with the assumption that franchisees do not have previous experience in the children's entertainment industry.

- Customized Marketing Plan: We provide you with all the details of our proven marketing plan to jump start your business and encourage ongoing growth. We assist owners in effectively utilizing their marketing budget, and coach them on how to get the most bang for their marketing buck using the BounceU brand.

- Proprietary Point of Sale (POS) and Reservations System:Owners are equipped with our proprietary, integrated POS system, accounting and reporting management tools, and a state of the art reservations system with built-in power and flexibility to keep your business organized and on the right track.

-Vendor Relationships that make the difference: Business and liability insurance; proprietary inflatables and BounceU equipment; BounceU national account discounts.

Improve your happiness. Get started today!

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