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The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board (TAB) is a leading international provider of peer advisory board services and business coaching. As a TAB-Certified Facilitator, you will chair group meetings of owners, CEOs and presidents of privately-owned companies. In addition to facilitating these meetings, you will provide individual coaching sessions using the Strategic Business Leadership process. Facilitating TAB Boards and providing SBL coaching will allow you to apply your business experience and areas of expertise to help business owners solve challenges and seize new opportunities.

Welcome to The Alternative Board

As a TAB franchisee, you will chair group meetings of owners, CEOs and presidents of privately owned companies. These peer advisory boards consist of up to 12 members from non-competing businesses. Meeting monthly, TAB Board members operate in a confidential, "think tank" atmosphere where he/she can present challenges and opportunities for seasoned, practical advice from other members and his/her facilitator.

In addition to facilitating TAB Board meetings, you will also provide individual coaching sessions using the simple, easy-to-use Strategic Business Leadership® (SBL) process. As an SBL-Certified Coach, you will help owners define their personal and business visions. With SBL, you assist business owners in strategically leading their businesses to greater success-however they define it.

Are you a TAB Facilitator / Coach?

Take charge of your future with The Alternative Board

If you're like most of our top-notch consultants, former corporate executives or entrepreneurs, you'll find tremendous satisfaction with TAB in helping owners of privately held businesses achieve their vision of success, if any of the following points apply to you.

· A profession in which you can apply your experience, aptitudes and strengths

· Significant, consistent and predictable cash flow from membership dues

· Expanded consulting opportunities

· Work / Life balance

· Control over the hours you want to work

· A local client base with no required out-of-town travel

· Long-term client relationships

· A strong referral network

· More control over your own success

· Equity build-up with a viable exit strategy

· A protected territory for member marketing

· Sales support

· No required cold calling

· Billing, collections and other administrative support

· Effective marketing methods and materials

· National media relations exposure and local PR assistance

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