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Alfredo of Rome

Alfredo of Rome is an upscale Italian Restaurant, featuring sophisticated, authentic Roman cuisine in a chic and contemporary setting.

The Original Fettuccine Alfredo was created in 1914 because Alfredo's wife lost her appetite during pregnancy. To restore her appetite, Alfredo went to his kitchen, mixed egg noodles with the finest parmigiano cheese and butter, and created a dish even his wife couldn't resist. Of course, the rest is history!

Three generations have presided over the famous establishment in Rome, and all were named Alfredo. Mr. Guido Bellanca, a restaurant aficionado in Rome, was a family friend, and in 1977, he and Alfredo II opened the first restaurant in the United States. The restaurant opened in New York, and was an instant success, making Fettuccine Alfredo a household name in America.

Since then, Alfredo restaurants have opened with great success in Epcot at Walt Disney World, and in New York's Rockefeller Center. The restaurants outside Italy are owned by Mr. Bellanca and his sons. They are devoted to maintaining a high standard of extremely authentic Italian cuisine and, of course, preserving the only original Fettuccine Alfredo recipe.


Alfredo of Rome

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