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1-800 Water Damage

What's in a name? For 1-800-WATER DAMAGE™, the answer is "just about everything," including the ability to provide its franchisees with an unforgettable and distinguished brand, backed by a 16-year reputation of quality workmanship, state-of-the-art drying technology, and excellent customer service.

Who We Are
1-800- WATER DAMAGE™ is a pioneer in the $5 billion dollar water restoration industry, known for bringing our franchisees and customers cutting-edge restoration techniques. Our memorable brand serves as a powerful marketing tool - a constant reminder of who home or business owners should call when they have water damage.

We take a one-of-a-kind approach to water damage restoration, working directly with home and business owners to ensure the restoration process is done quickly and to the customer's satisfaction.

Who We Want
Entrepreneurs from virtually any industry can succeed as 1-800-WATER DAMAGE™franchise owners. In fact, the company's current franchisee roster includes doctors, lawyers, contractors and a real estate broker/musician who used to perform with legendary musician Ray Charles.

What We Provide
There are numerous benefits to becoming a part of the 1-800 WATER DAMAGE™ team, including:

· State-of-the-art training facility and flood house, one of only a handful in the country: This puts our franchise owners a step ahead of the competition. We actually flood the house during training, which gives franchisees hands-on experience in drying a wide variety of building materials before going out into the field. The house also allows 1-800-WATER DAMAGE™ to test new water damage restoration technology.

· Name and phone number available nowhere else in the industry:Because the 1-800-WATER-DAMAGE™ name is also our phone number, we provide our franchisees full use of an instant and innovative marketing tool. Any customer calling into the 1-800-WATER DAMAGE™number is automatically routed to the 1-800-WATER DAMAGE™location nearest them.

· Comprehensive, ongoing training and support: In addition to hands-on training in our flood house, franchise owners receive extensive training on all business operating systems, including our innovative marketing and business plan. Ongoing support includes access to key marketing materials and training seminars via a private intranet site, and access to a corporate representative to help them sustain and monitor growth.

The Bottom Line
After more than 16 years, the success of the 1-800-WATER DAMAGE™ business model is evident in the fact that more than 65 percent of our current franchise owners operate more than one franchise. We are consistently upgrading our water restoration technology and franchise support systems because, after all, our success depends directly on the success of our franchisees.

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