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1-800-Radiator is an auto parts distribution franchise and the largest independent parts distributor in the nation. The 1-800-Radiator business model provides wholesale and retail customers with radiators delivered to their doorstep in a matter of hours at competitive pricing. They offer their services through their online outlet and through franchise locations across the country. To their franchisees, 1-800- Radiator provides unprecedented technological and practical support.

It's a simple concept -1-800-Radiator delivers brand-new radiators within two hours. Customers love our service - in addition to our fast delivery, our radiators come with a lifetime guarantee and are sold at a competitive price. This extremely effective business model has enabled 1-800-Radiator to become the largest independent direct distributor in the country.

You don't know anything about cars? That's OK! You won't be installing radiators. You will be selling brand new radiators in boxes to repair shops and do-it-your-selfers. You have the biggest selection of radiators in the country at the most competitive prices.

1-800-Radiator first opened its doors 20 years ago. Today we have over 60 locations nationwide that sold $69 million in radiators, heater cores and a/c condensers in 2005.

1-800-Radiator is the most famous brand of radiators, with wholesale accounts in all markets. We sell to over 60,000 wholesale accounts (including shops like Kragen, Auto Zone, Napa, Pep Boys, U-Haul, general automotive repair shops, body shops, new car dealers and salvage yards) and to over 100,000 individual do-it-your-selfers. Each 1-800-Radiator franchisee has approximately 1,000 automotive shops as primary customers. 80% of our business comes from repeat buyers.

Each franchise operation is typically comprised of a 1,000 to 3,000 square foot warehouse stocked with approximately 1,200 radiators. You and your staff of 1 to 3 people will make field sales calls, take phone orders, manage inventory, dispatch drivers and deliver products within 3 hours of orders being taken. You will typically be open 9 hours per day, 5 1/2 days per week. Your ability to call on new prospective customers and service them to high levels will be the key to your success.

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